Tips for beginner photographers

The photographer simply presses the button

Some people believe that modern technology allows you to create very smart automation, which allows you to just point the camera at the subject and press the shutter button. In fact, if you use only automatic modes, the results will be mediocre and will not always be able to compete even with pictures taken with budget cameras.

Many consider professional photographers to be wealthy people who live in full prosperity and can afford to travel around the world. In fact, it’s not like that at all. Only a few achieve such success, but they also have to work very hard. Photographer Kelly Weech picked up 33 misjudgments about the life and work of a photographer and told how it all really happens.

Photographer and digital artist Mohammed Sattar captures not just reality, but creates paintings from dreams. In this article, he gives 7 simple tips that he considers crucial for anyone who wants to improve their photos. Read, apply and successful shooting!

You can not think about the settings and always set a short shutter speed

A professional must know how the lighting affects the scene, must monitor the movement in the frame and, based on all this, choose a certain aperture value and shutter speed. It is very important to set the right settings right away, because when shooting a reportage of some events or when shooting a wedding, you will not be able to remake the pictures.

Everyone is polite and courteous

This is not entirely true. There are photographers who do not realize that when working with a client, he must take into account his wishes.

“My name is Mohammed Sattar. I am a 26 year old professional photographer and retoucher. In this post, I will give you my best tips for creating brilliant shots:

1. Take advantage of free lessons
YouTube gives access to a large number of free instructional videos – over 400,000 by my count. Subscribe to channels that teach photography lessons. They will help you master the basics of photography, develop exceptional Photoshop skills, and teach you how to use the most important tools in photography.

2. Get inspired
There are many photographers worth watching, for example in the 500px community. It can inspire and motivate. In addition to impressions, you will have more ideas to improve your photos.

3. Get creative
Don’t just copy what others are doing. Create your own individual flavor that will distinguish you from the rest.

4. Compete
Compete with others. Use their ideas to inspire you, but present the images in your own style.

5. Be Meticulous in Post-Processing
When processing your shots, focus on every single pixel to make your work look flawless. Your image is worth it and nothing less.

6. Don’t Buy Expensive Equipment
Expensive photography equipment does not guarantee that you will get good photos with it … flawless and light.

7. Focus on quality, not quantity
Just one special photo a month is better than 30 unremarkable shots.”