Being a photographer is a very fun and very creative job.

But often ordinary people have some misconceptions about what photographers do and how everything happens in the creative process, so professionals have to deal with rather funny, but annoying prejudices of ordinary people.

O ! It’s just the push of a button!

how the pros take pictures

An absolute sham. Before pressing the shutter button, the photographer renders the image. Thinking about framing, composing, calculating exposure – what aperture value to choose, what exposure time to set, prefer high ISOs or increase speed, chooses the right focus mode. In general, he does a lot of subtle things that an outside observer who is not connected with photography is not even aware of.

They can, but they don’t have to. A professional photographer invests quite a lot of money in his photo arsenal and it is likely that in his own training too. The money must be returned, even if we are not talking about the fact that the photographer is a profession, which means that it also means earning a living.

The best photos are taken with the most famous brands of cameras

Your friend can take photos at the wedding for his own pleasure, and even, it is quite likely that among the images received there will be decent quality photos. But if he is not engaged in professional wedding photography, it is still worth contacting the masters of wedding photography, so that later it would not be excruciatingly painful that there was nothing interesting about one of the most solemn events in life.

They have no right to film someone on the beach

We dare to dissuade you. If a photographer is in a public place in most of the developed world, they are considered to be able to take pictures. The question is how he plans to use them in the future. Here you need to check the laws of the country to clarify. And, of course, in any case, photographers must be polite.

Wonderful photos are obtained only in Photoshop

can a photographer use photoshop by Benjamin Lamy

Most professionals do their job well. And many actually get a technically decent image right from the start directly to the camera. Precisely because professional photographers know their craft well. Well, it is worth recalling that any editor like Photoshop is used not only for editing, but also for banal adjustment of the image size for printing or posting on the Internet.

how to choose the best photographer

Every good photographer has his own style of work and follows a certain process. What you specifically consider good may be perceived worse by another viewer. Photography is a very subjective thing that depends on the taste and personality of the person. Undoubtedly, Vasya can be the best, but only in comparison with his audience, among photographers of his level and shooting technique.

How to choose a photographer

Yes Yes! Almost everyone knows a “specialist” who can do “all the same” for a third of the cost. If you can afford and take the risk of hiring a cheap specialist for a responsible event – do it! Please don’t use this argument as a cheap trading ploy when talking to a professional.

I can take better photos than you if I just shoot regularly.

how to become a professional photographer

Well, who’s stopping you? Grab your camera and go practice. If you really can do better, then you simply must do it!