Snapshots of professionals

Professional shots are guaranteed to be better than amateur shots.

This is not entirely true. Many amateurs have much better photography skills and photographic vision than professionals. Nothing can be said for certain here. It’s all a matter of taste and personal preferences, but the status of “amateur photographer” does not mean that the pictures will not be of high quality, and a professional does not necessarily create masterpieces.

Photoshop – the cure for all diseases

If the original photo is of poor quality, the model is skewed and the facial expression is not the most artistic, no Photoshop will help.

Having a diploma guarantees that the photographer is a professional

The photographer improves his skills while working. A person who has just received a diploma has little experience. He only has the prospect of becoming a good photographer.

Wedding photographer works one day a week – on Saturday

This is partly true, but do not forget that it takes several days to process photos. In addition, you need to create an album and search for new customers, organize a meeting to find out the nuances of the next wedding, etc.

Nikon is better than Canon, no Canon is better than Nikon

This is a technique of the same level, so such a dispute can never end. Everyone makes a choice for himself from some of his personal judgments. None of the above-mentioned manufacturers of photographic equipment has objective superiority.

The photographer always has a good fee

This is not true. Often photographers have to work for pennies or even for free to prove their professionalism.

Presets will fix everything

Photoshop is not omnipotent. Presets are designed to facilitate the work of correcting and decorating photographs, but global flaws can only be corrected with hard manual labor.

Photographers lead a glamorous lifestyle

A photographer does more than just take pictures. He should take care of his accounting, perform various office, organizational work. In addition, many photographers shoot outdoors in harsh conditions.

Your pictures speak for you

There is a lot of photography among photographers, so in order to succeed, you need not only to shoot well, but also to be able to communicate with people, make useful contacts and maintain relationships with many people.

The bigger the size, the better

This is not true. It is not the size that matters, but the quality and ability to use it. The second is more important than the first. Most photographers do not use the most expensive photographic equipment.

A professional will be able to cope with any plot

Each photographer defines his photography style and his niche. Within this niche, it develops and improves, but if you force a wildlife photographer to shoot a model in a studio, then nothing good will come of it.

Photographers make easy money

If you get into photography based on this judgment, then you will not last long, because in fact, in order to succeed, you need to work very hard.

A professional should only be able to take good pictures

The photographer should pay attention not only to the quality of the pictures he creates, but also what means he uses for this. The more freely you orient yourself in your work, the faster you make the right decisions, the higher your professional level.

Camera quality determines the quality of your shots

The quality of photography can be conditionally divided into technical and artistic components. High sharpness, beautiful bokeh and excellent detail are just a small part of what you need for high-quality photography. Look at the work of masters of black and white photography. They could not even imagine what soap dishes can do in our country. But at the same time, their work is a masterpiece.

If you say that you are a professional, you will become one
A person becomes a true professional when people recognize him as such.

Price is a reflection of quality

Many photographers begin to feel like professionals too early and raise the price of their services. If you’re looking for a professional photographer, don’t look at prices. look at testimonials and portfolios.