What is interesting about the profession of a photographer

A photographer is a person or specialist who creates photographs using a camera and special equipment for printing them.

A photographer is a person who captures beautiful moments of life. By the way, the ProfGid career guidance center has recently developed an accurate career guidance test that will tell you which professions suit you, give an opinion about your personality type and intelligence. The profession is suitable for those who are interested in world art culture (see the choice of profession for interest in school subjects).
Short description
The work of a photographer is the direct process of shooting and maintaining equipment. During the shooting, the photographer chooses the optimal lighting, background, pose. But the main meaning of photography is given by the idea. Nowadays, thanks to digital technologies, photographers can transform finished images using special programs: remove defects, smooth imperfections, create the most incredible scenes.
In addition to shooting and processing images, the work of the photographer also includes administrative functions for preparing for the shooting: choosing a topic, negotiating with the customer, obtaining permission to shoot if necessary, choosing a shooting location, props, etc. These functions can be delegated to assistants or other assistants if the photographer is working in a team. Ideally, the photographer should be creative, not distracted by everyday work.

The specifics of the profession
There are several classifications of photographers according to different criteria.

By level of professionalism:

Amateur photographer who shoots family, friends for his own entertainment
A professional photographer with a special education and work experience, earning money on photography
By field of activity and genres of photography:

A photographer is a photojournalist.
Photographer creates artistic photographs.
A documentary photographer is a documentary photographer.
Advertising photographer shoots advertising photos.
A wedding photographer specializes in shooting weddings.
A forensic photographer shoots scenes of incidents, physical evidence, etc. for forensic examination.
A laboratory photographer is a researcher who takes pictures of the process and results of laboratory research.
A family photographer makes family portraits in the interior, makes a family album.
A fashion photographer specializes in shooting in the field of modeling business.
The photographer-subject takes subject photography on a special table for goods.
An industrial photographer specializes in photographing industrial enterprises, equipment, and working personnel.
A street photographer captures strangers and everyday scenes on the streets for art projects.
The paparazzi shoots scenes from the personal lives of famous people: politicians, movie stars and show business without their consent.
Pros and cons of the profession


The profession of a photographer is considered prestigious and profitable, especially if you have developed your own client base or promoted the brand under which the photographer works.
The work of the photographer is creative, which implies a relatively free work schedule and the absence of everyday routine.
The advantages of the profession include the versatility of places of work: demand in various fields of activity – journalism, modeling, museums, etc.


The work of the photographer takes place in a highly competitive environment.
Good equipment, on which the quality of the photographer’s work directly depends, is expensive.
The work of a photographer requires a lot of patience: even an ordinary photo session involves a huge number of shots for several successful shots. It is difficult to photograph active children or wild animals.
The photographer must be able to find an individual approach to each client in order to reveal his most attractive features and an interesting angle.
A different vision and understanding of the beauty of the photographer and the customer can provoke dissatisfaction with the customer.