What does a photographer do

A photographer is a person who takes high-quality pictures using professional equipment with knowledge of composition and light.

Everyone takes pictures today, because each of us has a camera in a smartphone. But a professional photographer is one who still takes pictures with a camera, and also earns money from his craft. Because the photos of a professional are always well exposed, highlighted and processed, they look great in albums and collect a lot of likes in social networks.

To do this, the photographer prepares for shooting: he chooses the subject and place of shooting, props, talks with the customer, and, if necessary, receives permission to shoot. In the process of photographing, a professional chooses the optimal lighting, background, suggests the best poses for the models, manually adjusts the focus and aperture. And then he also processes the photos: makes color correction, retouches imperfections.

Photographers are different: studio, reportage, wedding, advertising, fashion, criminologists. But often one specialist works in several genres at once.

How much does a photographer get

It all depends on skill, reputation and hard work. A well promoted photographer gets a lot. The portfolio also plays an important role. The brighter and more original the photos in it, the more people are interested in the services and the higher the fees.

What skills does a photographer need
Good taste, sense of style, understanding of the basics of working with light, knowledge of the rules for constructing a composition, the ability to clearly capture an object in motion.
Knowledge of the basics of photography, photo optics.
Knowledge of the properties of photographic equipment and lighting equipment, the ability to use them.
Ability to use Photoshop and other photo editors.
Understand psychology and business communication.
Be patient and diligent, because photo processing is a rather monotonous and scrupulous task.

Advantages and disadvantages of being a photographer

The profession of a photographer is considered prestigious and profitable, especially if you have developed your own client base or promoted the brand under which the photographer works.
The work of the photographer is creative, which implies a relatively free work schedule and the absence of everyday routine.
This is a specialty that does not require higher education, only a portfolio of his works speaks of skill.
Work brings interesting acquaintances and connections, travel is possible.
Reportage photographers are always in the thick of things, they witness interesting events, attend concerts and exhibitions, premieres and a variety of events. Wedding – work with happy people and capture one of the most important days of their lives.
Constant work with people who can be very different, you need to find an approach to each, identify its most attractive features and choose the best angle.
Good equipment, on which the quality of the photographer’s work directly depends, is expensive.
The work of a photographer requires a lot of patience: even an ordinary photo session involves a huge number of shots for several successful shots.
How photographers themselves evaluate their profession
According to a survey by among registered job seekers with experience as a photographer.

How in demand are photographers?

Despite the fact that each of us carries a camera in our pocket, the profession of a photographer does not lose its relevance. People still prefer to entrust the recording of important life events to a professional. The most sought-after, of course, wedding photographers. Shooting newborns is gaining popularity, photographers are often invited to birthdays, corporate parties, grand openings.

Also, the photographer can additionally sell his work on stocks, take pictures of goods for online stores and train beginners. Not to mention the work in the media and modeling agencies.

Where to study photography

Anyone can become a photographer, regardless of education, if he likes to take pictures and he is good at it. But special courses for photographers, studios and photo schools taught by experienced photographers will help you reach a professional level, learn to be a photographer and master the secrets of mastery.

Higher education in the specialty “Fine Arts”, “Design” will also add skills to novice photographers.

To become a good photographer, you need to constantly develop a visual culture in yourself: visit exhibitions of famous masters of photography, go to museums, watch films.