Photographer at any time

Pros and cons of the profession

Like any profession, photography has its pros and cons.

The undoubted advantages include:

+ Interesting work, the opportunity to travel and visit beautiful places, ceremonies, events, shooting against the backdrop of exclusive natural landscapes – this is what attracts many people to the profession.
+ Demand – good photographers are never out of work, they are signed up for a few months in advance.
+ Relatively free work schedule. Even if the photographer works in a company, he is spared the everyday routine. And those who work for themselves build their day in a way that is convenient for them, they are not even tied to a particular country, they can work anywhere in the world.
+ Realization in creativity. Every day you can discover new facets of photography, there are unlimited opportunities for the manifestation of imagination.
+ A large number of specializations. You can try yourself in different directions, change niches, choose more promising or trendy ones.
+ Unlimited earning potential – world-renowned professional photographers can earn thousands of dollars per shot.

The disadvantages of the profession may also seem significant to many:
– Tough competition. To remain in demand, a photographer constantly needs to prove his professionalism, improve his skills, learn something new that amateurs cannot do.
– Irregular work schedule. Often you have to work on weekends and holidays, stay late. High workloads can alternate with days of unforeseen inactivity.
– Equipment costs. Good equipment is expensive, equipment becomes obsolete and wears out over time, new investments are regularly required.

The photographer at any time must be prepared for the fact that shooting can be canceled or rescheduled, a capricious client gets caught, or other unforeseen circumstances arise. But truly enthusiastic people are not afraid of such difficulties.

Profession photographer

What qualities should a photographer have?
To see beauty in small things, to be able to reveal a new meaning in everyday things, a photographer must have a developed sense of style, imagination and artistic taste. You need to develop attentiveness, perseverance and patience in yourself, since often shooting lasts for hours without interruption. Discipline and punctuality, self-organization skills are also important.

Most photographers have to communicate a lot with people, so they have to master the skills of diplomacy, find an approach to clients. Depending on the specifics of the job, other qualities may be required. For example, it is important for a family or children’s photographer to be able to get along with children, for a fashion photographer it is important to understand fashion.

Where to study photography

It is widely believed that you do not need to learn to be a photographer. Long enough to train, and the experience will come by itself. However, to become a professional, you need to know a lot – how to find the right angle, study the color spectrum, learn how to control light and shadow, and process photos correctly. Therefore, if there is an intention to seriously devote oneself to photography, it is worth getting trained.

There are several options:

• Go to college or technical school after 9th grade – which exams you need to take depends on the particular institution.
• Apply to university after 11th grade. In Russia, there are only a few universities and institutes with specialized departments in photography. One of the most prestigious for 2022 is the Russian State University. A.N. Kosygin, Moscow State Institute of Cinematography, St. Petersburg State Institute of Cinema and Television. In addition to exams, for admission, you will need to submit examples of your work.
• Take courses – in this case, the profession can be mastered in just a few weeks. Online courses from Skillbox, Netology and other online schools are also popular.

Profession photographer

Where to work as a photographer
Photographers are needed in almost all areas of life, you can get a job in:
✎ Media
✎ Advertising agencies
✎ Online shopping
✎ Studios and ateliers
✎ Museums, galleries and many other places

Many photographers choose to go freelance or become self-employed, meaning they work for themselves.

Salary (salary range)

Aspiring photographers can count on salaries in the state. Great experience and professionalism is not required, it is enough to know basic shooting skills. In-demand photographers with a solid portfolio and positive reviews have no upper limit on earnings. It can be thousands of dollars for one project.

Much depends on the region – in the capital and large cities, the photographer’s fee will be much higher than in small towns.