Myths about professional photographers

Friends, do you have to deal with strange and controversial statements about photographers?

Here is a selection of 12 dubious claims. This is what some people think about professional photographers =).

1. “Press the button” is easy

In fact, the work of a photographer is very difficult, you need to have a lot of knowledge, skills and abilities about a wide variety of things related to photography. In addition, many types of shooting require physical stamina and strength from photographers. The equipment can be heavy, and you have to change angles quite often, and by the evening you are a very tired person =). The complexity of the painstaking work of retouching photographs is completely difficult to describe.

2. Professionals are always paid

Sometimes even well-known photographers can work for free if such cooperation will be beneficial for them in terms of advertising and promotion. And sometimes they can hold charity shootings to help someone. Money is not always the most important thing for professionals.

3. Photoshop will save any photo

If the photographer does not have sufficient knowledge and skills, then no processing will save a bad picture. Photoshop is needed to improve good pictures. Redrawing a low-quality frame completely is hardly a joyful and productive activity.

4. With an expensive camera, you will always get great pictures.

The possibilities of cameras, of course, are increasing. But if a person knows nothing at all in photography, but no expensive equipment will help him make an impressive shot. Photography is designed to convey to the world the author’s view, vision and idea. If all this is not in sight, the result will be mediocre.

5. Photographer is an elite and glamorous profession.

Do not judge by films about bohemian life =). In fact, the photographer has to perform many routine and monotonous operations, and sometimes freeze for a long time in an uncomfortable position or climb into not the most pleasant locations for a unique shot.

6. Your photos are in themselves an advertisement for your services.

Now without advertising it will be quite difficult to build your business. The competition in photography is very high, you will need knowledge in marketing in order to competently promote yourself as a specialist and profitably sell your services. Some beautiful and high-quality photos are not enough.

7. A professional can do anything!

In fact, there are no universal skills and knowledge. Usually photographers choose a certain niche and develop in it. It is impossible to cover all existing types of shooting for one person, and there is no point in such large-scale tasks. But you can try if you want =)

8. Photography is easy to make money

The work of a photographer is not at all easy, as we have already found out above. To get high-paying jobs, you first need to learn many things, prove your professionalism, spend long hours and even years practicing. In addition, many people like to make money with photography, so competitors are always nearby =).

9. The price of services corresponds to the quality.

No. It often happens that newcomers raise the price tag, wanting to earn more and believing that this is how they will prove their professionalism. There’s nothing you can do about it. So, if you are a client, always carefully consider examples of the work of different masters, do not focus solely on price.

10. Professionals can do everything and there is no need to learn from them

It is professional photographers that can most often be found at various training workshops of colleagues and courses. To be a professional, it is very important to develop constantly and without stopping, because new things appear every day, and the exchange of experience is truly priceless for those who really value their time.

11. All photographers are psychologists

Of course, basic knowledge will be required from you, for example, in order to establish contact with the model for productive work with a positive attitude. But often clients expect photographers to be almost psychic and mind-reading. For example, when they want the photographer to guess what exactly is wrong in the photo shoot and do it “differently” without the slightest specifics from the customer =).

12. Being a freelance photographer is amazing!

Partly it is. Not to depend on anyone is the ultimate dream of many. But the work of a freelancer is not a round-the-clock vacation, but a complex process that requires iron self-discipline and dedication. You are only accountable to yourself and provide for yourself. For some, this approach works, while others prefer to work in the state.
These are the myths that people have about photographers. Argue with them? If you want to become a real, not a mythical photographer, sign up for our photography course.